Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Stampendous/DecoArt Blog hop Post 3

Well its the final day for this fantastic blog hop full of mixed media. And quite a grand finale it is.  I must take time to get round all the posts as i have been catching glimpses of the work being made over the last two or three weeks, and it is all looking pretty cool.
My post is my 2nd ever journal page and a wee tutorial on creating your own sequin waste stamp "Dandelion clocks".
When I made my first journal page, I had used this stamp rather randomly and when i was looking back at the page, the dots just sort of reminded me of a dandelion clock behind my hummingbird.
So I decided to experiment and see if i could make dandelion clocks using the stamp.
I made this page to match up with my hummingbird page.
To show you the steps i have kept my backgrounds reasonably simple and dark to show up the white paint. i just dripped a few drops of my paints right on to the card and used a brayer to spread the paints across the whole surface.

So get your chosen background and the round sequin waste stamp. load your stamp (in your preferred method) with white paint. now make an imprint on your background.

Repeat till you have the number of dandelion heads you want.
 Now using a thin brush and some black acrylic paint, make a black dot in the middle of the white sequin waste dots. Still using a very fine brush, add the little lines that give the fake seed head look. I started with the 4 main points of a clock so i didnt end up with my little lines all over the place. then i filled in the gaps.

Once the paint is dry, use chalk pastels or something similar, to outline the dandelion heads. smear it in a circular motion with your fingers.

now start building up the layers on your stalks and the place where the stalk meets the seed head.
Add some leaves and other stencilling or stamping as required.  

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Plaque style tag featuring "Calico Craft Parts"....

HAPPY SPRING EQUINOX!!!!  may you all have a blessed and fruitful spring. :)
so... back to the crafting.
I wanted to play with my new "Calico Craft parts" today. and i particularly wanted to try some flourishes as i have already tried some of the corners (and loved them)... so I made a sort of a tag come plaque. its made of stiff card so really just a large tag but i didnt snip the corners for a "tag shape".

I also wanted to do some image transfer but i dont have the right kind of printer or any bought sheets. I know from experience that trying it with images on the wrong kind of paper or the wrong kind of print, just leads to a terribly cloudy finish but it can be partially remedied by giving it a coat of some kind of sealer like modpodge etc.  So I went ahead and did it.
It turned out not too badly. the image i used was from one of Tim Holtz paper stacks. I forget its name but its the sort of science themed one (which i love). and i used some of Tim's fab rubons.
the background paper is one of Kaisercraft's basecoat papers and the material is cheesecloth type muslin.
its all finished off with my usual versamagic "gingerbread" chalk ink and of course some wonderful rusty wire. :)
I would like to add this to my souvenirs from my part in "A Vintage Journey" as its on its last day of the first challenge.  do go over and take a look. its promising to be a wonderful blog not just for a challenge to take part in but for the wonderful regular inspirations from the team and their guests. so you dont have to join in to appreciate the posts. :)
Edited to add my "pin worthy mention" from "A Vintage Journey"  (thank you)

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Book of eggs.... for Calico Crafts

with the Spring Equinox just 3 days away, I have been very much enjoying the springtime theme of birds and eggs; symbols of fertility and new growth. So I have continued using this them today (probably for the last time till next year). I have made this book of eggs book box.

It is the smaller of the 2 book set book boxes with the nice rounded spine. I covered the front and back of the book with Vintage Decor Bird paper and an old book page on the spine. I then gave it all a few coats of white wash (watered down Titanium white acrylic paint). I gave a couple of the gorgeous new "Calico Craft Parts"  flourishes a nice rusty paint effect. to achieve the effect, I added a little texture using DecoArt texture paste. when it had dried i painted it using DecoArt Traditions in; transparent red iron oxide, quinacridone gold and some stipples of raw umber.
I gave them a little bit of a white wash too.
I then added some of the "Calico Craft Parts" grass, (in stock soon) and some of the Kaisercraft ephemera. i used the texture paste to give the sides of the book some fake pages. apply it flat with a palette knife then before it dries, use the edge of the knife to mark lots of lines in it.  leave it to dry.
I painted the sides of the book with a colour wash of raw umber mixed with quinacridone gold then i gave it a white wash when dry.
Inside my book i made a little divider, out of corrugated card, to create partitions for my eggs to go in. I used more book pages and white wash paint as well as some moss and some eggs were added.
All i had to do then was to just add a few finishing touches here and there, like the little crowns and rusty hearts etc, as well as a few pieces from my personal stash.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A Vintage journey challenge 1

I am still busy being obsessed with birds nests, birds and eggs.... So i have altered this shadow box and used my new Tim Holtz stamp set :)
the corner embellishments are from a brand new range from Calico Crafts. (keep your eye on those as lots of great shapes, embellishments, surfaces and stencils will be getting added to the range a bit at a time.)

I made this project with the main intention of joining in with the fabulous new challenge site "A Vintage Journey". its their first stop on the journey they are taking us on. and the theme is very open (as long as it is inspired by Tim Holtz in some way.

Its clear where the more obvious influences are on mine when it comes to the stamps and the metal word plaque; but for me, almost every project i make is inspired by Tim Holtz, in one way or another. Before he came on to the craft scene, I was making pink and purple teddy-bear cards and the likes. I became intensely interested in the vintage distressed shabby look he was bringing to us and the fact it could be as suitable for male themed crafting as it is for female themes. From then on in, although i have moved on to more paints and mediums etc, every project I have made since, has had a "faux vintage", "shabby" or "distressed" look or influence. his influence is with me constantly.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Rusty spring time wall hanging: Inspired by Tim Holtz' March tag.

I ordered some large tags and when they arrived they were HUGE... I am terrible for not reading the measurements and having a ruler close by. so i decided, rather than doing a tag, I would do a wall hanging. I dont have many distress inks left, so couldnt copy the technique Tim was sharing but I was still very inspired by the fantastic stamp set he used on his March tag, so i used that as my inspiration. here is my version. you an see Tim's original version HERE.

I used corrugated card, painted to look rusty so it looks a bit like a rusty corrugated fence, as my base and the tag went in the middle. I do love Birds, eggs and nests as a theme and will be doing that a lot in the next few weeks. Spring is such a joyful time of year. full of hope and new beginnings. even when life feels dire, a bit of spring birdsong and some spring flowers, can still give you a few seconds pause from the difficult stuff life throws at us.
And as it is a jumbo tag (despite it now measuring over a foot long lol), I am entering it in to Simon says stamp's Wednesday challenge.

Monday, 3 March 2014

My turn over on the Calico Crafts design team blog HERE. Here is a small portion of the project. to see the whole thing please do visit the Calico Crafts blog and maybe leave a comment if you have time and like the project. Thanks
Z x